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        Several misconceptions about electrostatic powder spray gun

        Although powder spraying process has a lot of advantages, and far more than the environmental protection spray process, but because of the short time into the domestic, in the domestic popularity is not very high, many users are not very deep understanding of spraying process. Therefore, the author reminded the majority of users in the selection of electrostatic powder equipment need to refer to professional advice. Let's take a look at some of the typical misconceptions about spray gun performance:

        Myth 1: the higher the spray gun voltage, the faster the powder, the better.

        Problem analysis:

        1. According to the basic physical principle of electrostatic powder spraying equipment, when the charging voltage exceeds a certain value, the occurrence of "Faraday effect" and "deionization effect" will be intensified, which will further affect the powder feeding rate.

        2. High electrostatic voltage is easy to cause the phenomenon of tip ignition, easy to leave pinholes on the surface of the workpiece, resulting in poor apparent quality.

        3. The phenomenon of high-pressure ignition will also increase the phenomenon of dust combustion in the spraying room.

        Therefore, in the actual use of the process should be based on the characteristics of the powder, the characteristics of the workpiece to adjust the voltage to the appropriate stage to obtain a better spraying effect.

        Myth no. 2: simple shape of the workpiece can use the performance of the worse gun.

        Problem analysis:

        1. Some users think that the shape of the workpiece is simple, so they do not need a good performance spray gun. In fact, the good performance of the spray gun is not only a strong ability to overcome the shape, but more importantly, the uniformity of the powder state will achieve a better apparent coating and powder rate. And the powder rate is high, of course, will save powder, greatly reduce the production cost.

        2. Good electrostatic performance will also accelerate production speed and improve work efficiency.

        3. Even powdering can also improve the rate of finished products, reduce the rate of rejected products, and make the production management easier.

        4. Due to the poor performance of components used in the spray gun, although the cost is a little lower, the failure rate will be much higher, even if the manufacturer timely maintenance will inevitably delay production.

        Therefore, the workpiece shape is definitely not the reason to choose poor performance of the spray gun.

        Mistake three: the bigger the amount of powder, the higher the powder rate, the faster the work.

        Problem analysis:

        1. In the long-term work process, we encountered many users put forward that the bigger the powder, the better the powder. In fact, the powder rate of the spray gun is determined by the electrostatic property and powder state. Only when the electric field intensity and the amount of powder produced reach the optimum matching point can the optimum powder rate be achieved.

        2. Too much powder out of the spray gun will inevitably affect the uniformity of powder out state, which is the root cause of many large powder out state of the spray gun is very uneven. The poor powder state may cause uneven coating thickness.

        3. Based on a large number of experimental data and practical work experience abroad, we can conclude that the powder output of the spray gun can meet the working requirements at 450g/min. A larger powder output will only lead to a part of powder that cannot be charged at all and has no adhesion.

        4. The spray gun with excellent performance is developed according to the best ratio of electric field intensity and powder amount, which not only eliminates unnecessary waste, but also makes powder state even and perfect, and improves powder rate.

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