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        Electrostatic gun maintenance and maintenance

        Recently heard a lot of customers do not know how to maintain electrostatic spray gun and maintenance, today jinling electronic spray machine electricity to share with you how to maintain electrostatic spray gun.

        * first of all, the electrostatic spray gun should be kept clean frequently. Do not soak the gun body in solvent when cleaning. Use a soft brush or cloth dipped in solvent to carefully clean the product.

        * do not decompose at will except for faults. In order to ensure the edge source of electrostatic spray gun, decomposition is limited to replace parts due to fault.

        * always hang the spray gun on the hook. Turn off the power switch when not in use for a short time.

        * in order to make the spray gun lightweight, the body of the gun is made of resin. The strength of the gun is fully considered in the design, but it is still necessary to pay attention to not falling when using.

        * the nozzle should be cleaned carefully at the end of the operation.

        * when the cleaning nozzle is blocked, do not use metal puncture, such as wire, should first soak in solvent, then blow with compressed air, do not use metal brush cleaning.

        * the nozzle should be cleaned frequently during the operation. The coating attached to the nozzle can cause poor particle size and affect the electrostatic effect.

        * paint hoses and cables should be kept clean from time to time. Do not attach paint and other sundries.

        * paint hose and cable do not let it receive mechanical line impact.

        The above is static spray gun after use we need to do some maintenance matters and maintenance, do these basically no problem. If you have any questions, welcome to inquire, we will be dedicated to your service, you can also bring the workpiece to come to the free trial spray proofing, see the effect after the order, buy guaranteed.

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