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      1. Welcome to tianchang jinling electronics co., LTD.
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        Industry news
        2019-09-21Several misconceptions about electrostatic powder spray gun

        Although powder spraying process has a lot of advantages, and far more than the environmental protec……[More+]

        2019-09-21Explain the principle of electrostatic powder spraying process

        1. In principle, the nozzle of electrostatic spray gun is connected with negative high-voltage stati……[More+]

        2019-09-21How to purchase electrostatic spraying machine

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        2019-09-21The process principle and flow of electrostatic spraying machine

        What is the process principle of electrostatic spraying machine? How should it be operated? Next tia……[More+]

        2019-09-21Electrostatic powder high voltage module

        Electrostatic powder coating is one of the major reforms of coating technology in recent years. It h……[More+]

        2019-09-21Electrostatic powder spraying machine

        In the past, painting was done manually. Labor intensity is big, pollution is serious, adverse to pe……[More+]

        2019-09-21Electrostatic spraying machine - electrostatic spraying equipment for the workplace what are the requirements

        Electrostatic spraying equipment on the work site has the following requirements, together: 1, where……[More+]

        2019-09-21Common mistakes of electrostatic powder spraying machine

        (1) according to the basic physical principles of electrostatic spraying, I can know that when the c……[More+]

        2019-09-21What is an electrostatic powder spraying machine

        Electrostatic powder sprayer system from a new foreign advanced automation control technology, the e……[More+]

        2019-09-21The popularization of application knowledge of electrostatic powder spraying equipment

        Powder spraying equipment is commonly known as electrostatic powder spraying. Spraying method can be……[More+]

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