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      1. Welcome to tianchang jinling electronics co., LTD.
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        Tianchang Jinling Electronics Co., Ltd.
        Consultation hotline0550-7022291
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        Address:Tianchang Town Industrial Park, Tianchang City, Anhui Province
        Manager li:15505502999
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        Tianchang jinling electronics co., LTD. Is located in located in the eastern anhui province, in addition to the side border lai 'an county in anhui province, on three sides by jiangsu gaoyou, yizheng city, liuhe district, jinhu county, xuyi five counties, the nanjing metropolitan circle members at the county level city, wan jiang city belt is undertaking industrial transfer demonstration area dual-core two-wing pattern of industry one of the two wings of a shaft, known as the "anhui east gate," said.

        Tianchang jinling electronics co., LTD is a more than ten years of professional research and production of electronic appliances manufacturers

        Main products: electrostatic powder spray machine, electrostatic powder spray gun, electrostatic spray gun, electrostatic powder high voltage module, electrostatic powder circuit board, motorcycle electrical appliances (voltage regulator, high voltage transformer, electronic inlet ac, dc igniter, flasher, relay, integrated series, etc.); High-pressure generator (civil spraying, anion generator, electronic equipment, etc.)

        If you are interested in our products and services, please contact us.

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